Frequently asked Questions

800 SAT Students FAQ – For the year 2020

This frequently asked Questions document is here to help with some of the many similar questions we’ve been getting lately.

Hope this helps to ease your minds!

Please note, the data bellow needs constant updating.

Questions related to the SAT System updates during the COVID -19 pandemic:

Which Exam sessions have officially been cancelled by the College-board?

May & June SAT Exams ONLY.

I’ve already paid for my May/June exam registration. Now what?

Its vital to know, who helped you register.
If it was : 800 SAT Center – then we definitely
know who registered through us and all the registrations have been handled already.
If it was your school – you need to check with
them in regards to their internal process.
If you registered on your own – you are supposed
to get a refund to the Credit card/Master card that
you paid with when you previously registered.

Courses and Exam date Updates:

What are the upcoming available Exam dates ?

AUGUST 29th.2020 (For SAT I & SAT Subject tests)


OCTOBER 3rd.2020 (For SAT I & SAT Subject tests)

NOVEMBER 7th.2020 (For SAT Subject tests ONLY)

DECEMBER 5th.2020 (For SAT I & SAT Subject tests)

Deadline for registering in the upcoming examinations?






When does the course start at 800 SAT CENTER?

The courses usually begin 2 months before the upcoming exam date

How can I register for the On-Site courses?

First off, you must book a seat by calling us at 0790263172 // 0790263146 and then once the registration week begins you can turn your registration official by filling the (register for courses) tab on our home page.

How can I register for the Online study guides?

You must create an account on and then add to cart whatever subjects you desire to take , check out by paying online and finally you will have your courses under PURCHASED on your profile.

I've purchased the online course and would like to know how long it will take me to complete the material??

The average student completes the entire material of a certain subject within 7-10 weeks , please manage your time efficiently and do NOT forget to leave some extra time to solving Practice tests.

Do the online courses have an expiry date?

Yes, your course will remain in your account for 10 months from the purchase date.

What's the difference between the PSSAT & SAT SUBJECT TEST course?

PSSAT provides you with the foundation & Basics of any given SAT subject test .

For example, if you want to take the biology SAT subject test but feel like you lack the major basics of the material , then you must take the PSSAT course and then begin with the normal Biology SAT course.

Difference between 800 SAT CENTERS Practice test E-Books and the paper based practice test book?

Our Online Practice test E-Books provide you with the most recent questions and we update them on regular basis.

by purchasing it you will have access to 8 FULL SAT TESTS,

-Each test is timed according to its actual SAT exam timing.

-Auto correction once you’re done

-Corrected according to SAT correcting methods.

-Provides you with correct answers once completed.

-Exams can be repeated up to 10 times each (Questions will be shuffled with each new try)



University requirements & Jordanian Equivalency concerns:


Why- Many universities around the world ask for SAT I as their main university acceptance requirement.

When- try to do your SAT I before your senior year or at the beginning of it, in order to give yourself enough time to work on your university application.

What about the Jordanian Equivalency ?

In Order to study in a Jordanian University , you must obtain the Tawjihi Equivalency.

Obtaining this equivalency is possible for an SAT student. However, there are multiple exams that must be taken & multiple ways to calculate your SAT Scores.

For further details its always better to call or WhatsApp us at +962 79 026 3172 , as every case is different than the other! Or you can go directly to the Ministry of higher education 🙂

We wish you all the best of luck, we understand all your concerns.
For any further questions, Don’t hesitate to call : 079 026 3172